Publication: Mixmag

Article: Sound Judegment- Mark Grant "Spirit of the Black Ghost"

Author: DJ Paulette

Reference: N/A 



Moogs are us, with the daring dash of a keyboard-led voyage of discovery with a lightness and depth of touch that would give a good shiatsu a run for his money.  The overall vibe of the lead mix penetrates deeper than winter-green with its radiant organ warmth, pulsating and by turns plucked then slapped baseline.  The Blacker Mix is one that you canít help but love, it turns all the lights out for a free-form Moog work-out that trips the late-night/early morning fantastic.  Then the Blackest Mix adds a bit of Salsoul snare attiude and more special effects than an episode of Star Trek.  I like!  No Ė I love.