Publication: Muzik Magazine

Article: State Of THE Artist –-Mark Grant Working With Cajmere And Taking Nothing For, Grant-ed

Author: Unknown

Reference: #28 September 1997-Page 111


Record labels in America don’t get much cooler than Cajual and Guidance, Chicago’s two super-consistent deep house masters.  So it’s lucky for Mark Grant that he has records out for both of these imprints.  In fact, he’s the kind of guy who feels lucky, full stop. 


“I always thought it would be amazing to walk into a club and hear music that you’d created actually being played,” he enthuses.  “For a long time, I never knew what it was like.  Now I do, and whenever that happens, I feel ecstatic.  I never want to take something like that for granted.”


All very well in theory, but with the amount of DJs caning the high-quality house he’s been turning out of late, he might find it a bit harder in practice.  In the past couple of months, we’ve had his deep’n’jazzy “Spirit of the Black Ghost” on Guidance as well as the killer, tripped-out disco twelves he recorded with Braxton Holmes and Cajmere on Cajual.  Add in a project for New York’s Suburban imprint and a few fat remixes and you’ve got a producer who’s taking up quite a bit of room in all those high-flying DJ boxes.  And never mind the projects he’s still got to come out, like his remixes of Cajmere. 


“Yeah, I’ve just finished remixing his ‘Answering Machine’ cut,” says Grant.  “It was pretty hard to do since it's unique.  I did four mixes of it and during the mixdown, Cajmere himself came into the studio and kind of mixed it with me on the fly.  He’s hilarious to work with, just hilarious.  He had me cracking up all the time.”


How come? Was he wearing his green wig?

“No, but he some of the dancing he was doing… Man, he was crazy.”


Mark Grant’s ‘Spirit Of The Black Ghost’ is out now on Guidance.  His remixes of Green Velvet’s ‘Answering Machine’ are out shortly.